Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rules of the Resolution

Impulsiveness may be one of my problems..... 
But how many of you out there have turned around to see a blur behind you and wanted to make a quick change? It was January 1st, 2014 yesterday, the perfect time to make a grandiose ridiculous gesture that let's be 100% honest, will be really difficult to complete.

(And might get really boring too)

But there's no better way to try than to just jump in.

On that note, I've decided on some rules (or basically fail-safe's for myself)

1) Obviously it might not be possible to actually post every single day, particularly if I am out of town, or the like.  However, as long as I have a post later for every day that I was out, that is fine.

2) I'm giving myself a 7 day cushion.  So if by one year (assuming of course that I don't give up halfway through the year, but let's think positive!) I have only missed 7 days of blogging I will still consider it a major win

3) If I succeed, I must think of something truly amazing to give myself.....any ideas would be appreciated.

So that's it! I guess I need some luck!

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