Saturday, April 27, 2013


The only other race expo I have ever been to was the Rock and Roll New Orleans expo.  I was cheering on a friend running the race, and at a conference in the same convention center.  The expo was enormous, and almost overwhelming, but there was so much fun stuff to look at. 

This expo was.....not like that at all.

It was basically a tent in Georgetown. 

I guess this makes sense.  Since it is the Nike Women's Half Marathon, none of the other brands really got to come out, only the ones that had a specific deal with Nike.

The coolest part was the wall of names.

However, it was very exciting to get all of my stuff for the race.  I am both excited and terrified.  I can't believe its tomorrow morning!

I had a pretty big fail when it came to intuitive eating last night.  But more on that later.  Now I'm heading up to Baltimore to enjoy a crab cake lunch and lacrosse game with my family.

What's the coolest expo you've ever been to?

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