Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Friday

I've picked Friday to be my weigh in days.  At least for now.

It used to be that I did most of my heavier eating on weekends, because I had more time, so it was nice to have the week to catch up and get back to healthy habits. Now that I have no real job or school to go to on a daily basis we will see if that holds up.

Starting Weight: 222.6
Today's Weight: 220.0
Change in weight: -2.6 lbs
Total weight lost: 2.6 lbs.

Charles M Schultz

I wasn't actually all that great about eating this week, but I was really good about tracking everything. So I just have to keep going. It's a lifestyle, I have to find where I can easily maintain a healthy weight without torturing myself.  It might take some time. 

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