Monday, April 22, 2013

Intuitive Eating

I've been doing a lot of reading about intuitive eating over the weekend.  This is one of the newer books to come out on this subject.


A number of bloggers I really love like Can You Stay For Dinner use this eating technique and there is a lot about it that I find helpful and intriguing. I find that in the right circumstances I don't find it difficult to intuitively eat at all.

When I am on fancy vacations like cruises for instance I eat intuitively easily.  I think this is because I know my next delicious meal is only hours away, there's no point in overeating. 


I absolutely understand that emotional eating comes into play with me a lot of the time.  Particularly when I am under a lot of stress I am bound to handle it by curling up in bed with an entire bag/box/pint of anything I can find. I also hate sitting alone at my dining table eating, so I end up zoning out in front of the television a lot. 

I sometimes find it hard to believe though.  Like most weight loss plans it touts the ideal that this is the perfect way to find your happy weight.  I find that most people who are successful intuitive eaters are the ones who have reached at least most of their weight loss goal and are working on making a lifestyle.  It also just goes against everything I think when they try to tell me that a huge bowl of soup will make me the same amount full as the same calories worth of something much smaller. 

However, being that I have the whole summer, and a lot of time that I can spend eating on my bed/couch/completely zoned out, this has definitely got me thinking. At the very least I can train myself to eat at my table, without distractions, and to think about my hunger levels.  If I do this in conjunction with tracking my food through weight watchers might this be a successful plan for me as well? 

At the very least I guess I will post more pictures of food. 

Has anybody out there (who hasn't written a book on the subject) lost a great deal of weight through intuitive eating?

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