Monday, April 15, 2013

90 Days of Summer (Day 1)

I'm done.

Three years. Hundreds of tests, papers, and projects. Over 30 class grades. Countless crazed study sessions. Tons of coffee, stress, hair loss, and sleepless nights.

And thirty pounds of weight that I now have to go back and lose again.

But its finished. I am finally done with physical therapy school.

Now I am just looking out at a summer of studying for my national boards, job hunting, and learning how to be a human being again. Anybody who tells you that grad school is cake is obviously taking some heavy duty drugs.

So here it goes.

I have give or take 90 days.  (I'm absolutely not ripping off the movie). 90 days to study for boards, find a job, and get my life back in order. And the best place to start is tracking my food and getting my health back on track.

Starting Weight: 222.6
Today's Weight: 222.6
Lbs Lost: 0

Wish me luck!

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