Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So, it turns out if you do absolutely nothing on a given will have nothing to really write about the next day.

I guess I should get out there and do more stuff.

So today I'm going outlet shopping!  I have graduation this weekend and a job interview (!!!) on Monday, so I'm gonna go see what I can find to make me look snazzy.  Pray to whatever deity I please that I ignore the numbers and just choose things that make me look good, the weight will come off in good time.

As far as my weight goes, I've felt very icky this entire week.  Like I've eaten too much, my stomach feels like lead, pretty bad reflux (which I generally don't get unless I eat too much, particularly eat to much of something like tomatoes), and just general malaise.  However, when I got on the scale this morning to cheat peek it was actually down a tiny bit, so I can't have been doing that badly?

Probably get to go to Wegmans for lunch today.  Which is awesome.  Wait for a Wegmans post coming up soon, because I can wax poetic on that lovely store for awhile.

Sorry that this post is totally random and full of not very interesting facts. 

Have a great hump day everyone!!

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