Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals!

I have noticed a number of bloggers who do monthly goals.
In the spirit of attempting to join the blog community I add mine here.

May Goals:
  1. Eat mindfully 90% of the time.  
    • I feel that giving myself even a little bit of wiggle room helps me to feel empowered, and make it a real choice.  I can then make the choice to ensure I am really listening to my body, because I have the chance to "ignore it" if I need to. 
  2. Enjoy my graduation from PT school. :-)
  3. Put together a reasonable board study schedule and stick to it.
  4. Complete my HIIT training exercise every day. (I'm doing this with a friend and am pretty excited for it!)
  5. Do at least 2 touristy things in DC and blog about it. 
  6. Take lots of pictures!
 Here's to a wonderful and productive month!

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