Monday, May 6, 2013

The weekend I didn't get enough sleep.....

So on Friday, because I had procrastinated preparing all week, was a crazy, run around like a chicken with my head cut off kind of day.

First there was a minor freak out because for some strange reason, my plane ticket wasn't there on my united site.  After that was resolved I popped out to get a mani/pedi and my eyebrows waxed.

After that I grabbed a quick lunch and headed on the metro to DCA.

Except our plane was delayed, and we would have missed our connection in Newark.  So we ended up having to hop on (a very expensive) taxi ride over to Dulles airport to get a direct flight to Columbus.  

Once in C-Bus the weekend was a blur of staying up late and getting up early.  I will go into more details about certain stuff later, but needless to say some highlights

And some lowlights:

I hope everybody's weekend was great! Further discussions on some of the amazing food I had and how much I love flying further down the line. 

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