Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love of Libraries

When I was growing up Saturdays were Library Days.

 My father read to my brother and I almost every evening growing up, and I was a voracious reader myself, so come Saturday we would make the trek to the library after Synagogue to exchange our books for the week.  Dickens, Dumas, Alcott, and many others gave me new worlds to explore, adventures to have, and friends to meet.

Inn nearly every city I've lived in, my first stop was at the local library to pick up a new library card.  It didn't matter if I also had a University library at my disposal, I felt better having a public Library card.  In fact, I still have two key tag cards from two different public library systems on my car keys.  (I'm pretty cool I know)

So, it is kind of surprising that I have now lived in DC for two years, and had not gotten a public library card.  I blame it on grad school.  And partially on my kindle.  But in either case, I finally made the trek to get a new library card.

There is just something about a Library.  Maybe it's the way it smells.  Or all of the books stacked next to each other in endless rows.

Either way, I went in just to get the card so I could put library books on my kindle for my upcoming trips.  And walked out with this....

And this was me being conservative.  There were at least 3 other books that I thought about getting at the same time.  Because I may be slightly insane. 

So please forgive me if I cannot be found for a couple of days.  I will be curled up in my new-to-me double papasan, with a cup of tea and Mr. Bryson.  An author who I am slightly obsessed with.

Does anybody else feel this way about libraries?  or books? 

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