Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gallerie Bar and Bistro

In less than two weeks I have my graduation from physical therapy school.

I've had my dinner reservations for Saturday night since about two and a half months ago.

So on Friday evening, when my older brother and I found out that my little brother had totally dropped the ball on his own graduation dinner, we went into panic reservation mode.  We honestly didn't expect to be able to get anything amazing, after all over 10,000 people graduated from OSU this past weekend.  So we made a reservation at the first place my brother found on open table that looked pretty good.

Oh man.  This place was AMAZING.  It's only been open for about six months at this point, inside the downtown Hilton hotel in Columbus.

It has an Alice in Wonderland lamp.

The executive chef is Bill Glover, and he works with local farmers and businesses for almost all of their produce, cheeses, and meats.  Not only that, but they are currently working on a sustainable garden and bee hive colony on the roof of the Hilton to become even more sustainable.

The food was incredible.

I didn't manage to get any pictures of the appetizers, firstly because I hadn't quite hit "blogger mode" yet, and secondly, because it was a late reservation we were all STARVING.  We got beet carpaccio, which was a nice little salad with thinly sliced beets, beef tartare with a quail egg, and an appetizer of bone marrow.

The bone marrow was incredible, they gave us three huge bones with marrow in it, with toasted bread, a bacon and onion jam, arugula, and capers.  My whole family devoured it.  I really wish I had gotten a picture.

The entrees were just as amazing as the appetizers.

I got this incredible chicken dish.

It was roasted and stuffed with a chicken/herb mousse to keep it moist, on roaster fingerling potatoes, with apple slivers and a truffle sauce on top.  

Of course in my family, we never just get one dish, life is all about sharing! So of course I also got to sample:

The duo of duck with red cabbage marmalade (another of the best things I've ever eaten in my life)

French Gnocchi

 And rabbit pappardelle

Also eaten, but not pictured was my little brother's filet with frites.  Which was good, but he didn't really want to wait for me to snap a picture.  We got sides of asparagus and roasted Brussels sprouts as well, the Brussels sprouts being positively delicious.  

Our waiter was incredible, telling us different things about the dishes, recommending things to us.  All in all it was a fantastic meal, and I highly recommend it to anybody in the Columbus area who is looking for a nice dinner.  Don't be thrown off that it's in a hotel.  Take advantage!

Has anybody else ever eaten here?  Or had something amazing to eat recently?

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